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Impact Change Limited focuses on two distinct approaches to training, namely; in-house and open training.

In-house training approach refers to the provision of training to specific employees of a particular organization only without mixing up with employees from other organizations. These are done normally within the organizations premises or externally depending on the client’s preferences.

Open house training approach refers to the case where participants will be drawn from different organizations (sponsored or self) and are collectively trained as a group on a particular module e.g. Customer Service Excellence, Selling Skills and Time and Self Management Skills.

How We Work

  • From your first moment at contact with us, we will seek to tune into
    your organization's culture and business objectives and focus on how we can
    help you achieve them. We will explore the issues with you in depth - our
    solutions go well beyond the superficial.
  • From this diagnosis we will produce a proposal outlining the
    approach, which will add more value to your business and your people.
  • Having agreed an outline program, our consultant will spend time
    developing a deeper understanding of specific objectives and finalizing the
  • A training evaluation process will be developed and conducted at the
    end of each course and the results summarized in the training report. We
    also recommend that further evaluation focusing on the impact of the
    training be undertaken three to six months after the completion of the
    training. We will design suitable evaluation criteria for this purpose,
    including an evaluation guide.