About Impact Change Ltd

Impact Change Limited is registered with Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) for reimbursement of funds for those organizations registered with them.

To be the preferred provider of Leadership & Management in the following areas;  

  • Managing People
  • Managing Activities
  • Managing Resources
  • Managing Information, and
  • Managing Self

Core Values:

  • Integrity and Reliability
  • Committed to Service Excellence
  • Sustainability
  • Client Sovereignty
  • Confidentiality

To be the leader in providing Leadership and Management training and consultancy services in East Africa and beyond.

Impact Change Objective:

  • To empower each individual within client organizations with the
    necessary skills to perform at increasingly higher levels.
  •  To promote good corporate citizenship within organizations,
    modeling transparency, excellent client service, employee satisfaction and
    stakeholder loyalty.
  •  To raise the benchmark standards in the region for the
    organizations we serve, enabling them to exceed their current expectations
    and function at a whole new level of performance.


    Impact Change limited training team comprises of well trained, knowledgeable and result driven personnel with rich experience of both the private and public sector in areas of individual, organizational & institutional capacity building.

    Our consultants have previously conducted many training programmes and consultancy while contracted by other training firms where they developed their core consultancy skills and carried out assignments in the areas of general management, governance, project management, finance management, staffing, general soft skills training programs, capacity building, information systems and financial systems. Further, they have served many years of employment with organizations in the public and private sector, thus able to apply a practical approach to training consultancy assignments and offer real life solutions to clients.