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Impact Change Ltd

Impact Change Limited was incorporated as a management training company to provide Leadership and General Management training programs alongside consultancy services on behalf of clients drawn from public, private and Non-governmental institutions.


Experience has shown that human resource is the most valuable asset of any business. Impact Change limited recognizes, therefore, that great organizations are not only measured by wages and working conditions but by feelings, attitudes and relationships of staff. Attitude, regardless of the chosen field, is the key component of success. Impact Change limited subscribes to  the  working  principle of training being an investment and  NOT  a cost. Read more


Our approach is highly practical, interactive and engaging, yet relaxed. This allows participants a safe environment in which to learn real issues, develop and practice new skills covered. Our training consultants/facilitators inject the energy and enthusiasm you would expect and ensure a dynamic learning environment which guarantees a positive change/improvement in people.

The above methods are meant to promote: -

  • Active participation of participants
  • Quick feedback during training session
  • Practical application of what is learnt
  • Acquisition of desirable behavioral patterns
  • Motivation for participants to improve their level of performance
  • Opportunities of working in a team

exceptional - open session training